ESC - Strength training, group fitness, personal training


Eastside Strength & Conditioning offers group training and workouts as well as individualized personal training services for all fitness and experience levels. 

Established in 2005, ESC is located in downtown Bellevue, Washington, just off Interstate 405.

Eastside Strength & Conditioning was established in 2005 with the goal of improving health, strength, physical capacity, and performance for everyone. We offer experienced instruction for all ability levels and ages, and our training methods are applicable to everyone, from teens to seniors, from dedicated athletes and competitors to beginners at exercise. We will meet you where you are and support you along the way. 

We offer group strength and conditioning classes for a monthly rate, as well as private personal training sessions on an ongoing or ad hoc basis. We also offer specific coaching on the main barbell lifts (squat, press, bench, deadlift, power clean), and we have extensive (12 years) experience with Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength methodology (see below). 

Give us a call at 425.298.5809 or send an email to schedule a consultation. You can also follow our goings-on on Facebook.


Our small-group dynamic is fun, motivating, and sometimes competitive (if you want it to be). We integrate barbell strength training and technique and skill practice into varied, challenging workouts. Group classes are one hour. 

Attending at least three classes per week yields best results and best value. We offer group classes Monday-Saturday each week, and some "open gym" sessions for members at various times throughout the week. Drop-ins are welcome (ideally, contact us first please if you're new to ESC). 

  • Monthly unlimited classes - $185*/month

  • Additional family member - $95*/month

  • Drop-in - $25/class ($22.83 + tax)

Class rates are for either monthly unlimited membership or per-class drop-in. All payments for unlimited classes are per calendar month. Except for prorating your first month, we do not offer a partial month option. Prospective members are invited to try out one of our regular classes at no charge.

A 20% discount on monthly memberships is available for full-time students. (Sorry, no discount on drop-in fees though.)


The first step for newcomers to ESC classes is to complete our“Getting Started” program, which consists of six consecutive one-hour individual or small-class sessions that lay the foundation for the training you’ll do here. This is a prerequisite to joining our regular group classes. Each session builds on the previous ones to introduce fundamental skills and concepts, teach safe and effective lifting technique, and familiarize you with the equipment and gym environment. 

  • Getting Started Class - $195 (requires subsequent 1-month membership commitment) - See upcoming classes and register online here.

  • Getting Started Private Sessions - $295 (requires subsequent 1-month membership commitment)

With questions, or to schedule individual Getting Started sessions, please contact us.

Personal training & Starting Strength Coaching

Individual training provides instruction and training tailored to your needs and goals in a 1:1 setting. This can be an ongoing training option or an occasional session/series to tune up your skills or work on specific areas and goals. 

Partner sessions let you train with a friend (or two!) with one of our trainers. You receive plenty of individual attention, but at a lower cost per person, and with the advantages of working out with a buddy.

Personal training rates are per person, per one-hour session. Rates are subject to Washington State sales tax.

  • Individual - $80

  • Two people - $50

  • Three people - $45

  • Four people - $40

  • Five-session 1:1 package (one use) - $330, 2 people $480

  • Starting Strength coaching (5 sessions) - $330, 2 people $480

We have extensive experience with Mark Rippetoe and his Starting Strength lifting and teaching methods for basic barbell training. We have worked professionally with Rip since 2006. We offer individual and small group coaching using this method. If you are doing Starting Strength on your own and realize you need some coaching on the basics or want to tune up your technique, our five-session private training package is probably just the thing for you.

For the fine print on payment options and policies, see our Payment Policies page.  

* All prices are subject to WA state sales tax, unfortunately.