ESC - Strength training, group fitness, personal training


Eastside Strength & Conditioning offers group training and workouts as well as individualized personal training services for all fitness and experience levels. 

Established in 2005, ESC is located in downtown Bellevue, Washington, just off Interstate 405.

10K urban run

CrossFit Eastside - 10K in daylight

The costs associated with regular extended aerobic training are decreased speed, power, and strength, not to mention health and fitness. Reserve your longer, lower-intensity "cardio" training for recovery from intense work cycles, when you can no longer deliver on the high outputs that CrossFit demands.

You CrossFitters do primarily short-duration, high-intensity training in the anaerobic pathway, yet you can still perform in the aerobic realm. How many of the endurance-sport crowd can do what you do here every day? How many have the capacity to execute randomized, multi-joint, high-output movements with precision and power?

CrossFit Eastside - 10K in the dark

"Farther, longer is not fitter, is not healthier." - Greg Glassman