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This just in: CrossFit training wins competitor second wife

Our Tim ("t-Factor"), model father and friend, is currently visiting family in China. Tim has been part of our program for three years. A CrossFit veteran, Tim not only lives the code but sets examples for us all--daily--on what it means to have a positive outlook on life, love your family and friends, and embellish everyone around you. He recently sent us this breaking news report from Jiuzhai, China.

Subject: This just in from the tFactor
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005

Called to the stage to participate in an ancient Qiang village ritual competition at Jiuzhai in order to determine who wins the most beautiful girl for his wife, Tim Tapping beat all comers in a "Push of War." See attached photos. Video available on request.

Having no way to train for this spur-of-the-moment contest, Tim relied on training received at CrossFit Eastside to prevail.

Despite the consumption of many beers prior to the event, the Bundle of Joy, Squat Therapy, Tabata, and D-Ball Slam training methodologies proved their worth.

Many thanks to my trainers, Michael and Carrie, without whom bigamy would not have been possible!

-- tim