ESC - Strength training, group fitness, personal training


Eastside Strength & Conditioning offers group training and workouts as well as individualized personal training services for all fitness and experience levels. 

Established in 2005, ESC is located in downtown Bellevue, Washington, just off Interstate 405.

Wednesday evenings

Our Team 6 Wednesday evening crew has been the longest group standing. Fun and hardworking, this team formed on the westside and then migrated with us to the eastside once we were in the 'port.

Numbers steadily increased. Those who could not make the morning classes came in the evening. This worked out great for everyone, and it was dog-friendly, so Jaxon was good to go.

As the headcount increased, so did the need for additional tooling. We added bumpers, bars, dumbbells, a climbing rope, a second "bundle of joy" bicycle, and an outdoor pull-up bar to the mix.

Neighbors started to refer to us as the "stick people" because of the 5-14 athletes dispersed throughout the carport and driveway doing the Burgener warm-up (video, description) or other technique work with PVC dowels. It was not rare to see a group of people running around the block with something in their hands; whether a dumbbell (or two), medicine ball, or barbell, it was sure to bring attention to the hard work going on.

Wednesday crew carrying the December momentum into the new year:

Carry your new year's momentum forward with us.