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Tabata squat / jump rope

Tabata interval: 20 seconds of high-intensity, max-effort work; 10 seconds of rest; repeat for 8 cycles.

We apply the Tabata interval to movements of greater function than the one initially used to conceive this protocol. We prefer using the 20/10 interval for squats, pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, and rowing (big hip-drive and push/pull variants) versus the stationary cycling (spinning legs in a circle) that Dr. Izumi Tabata used in his original study.

The capacity and mental toughness required to hold high, consistent numbers throughout the protocol demands everything a hard-charging athlete has to offer.

First the squats.

Our evening crew recently got a Tabata squat dose followed immediately with 4 minutes of jump rope. The inability to extend (jump) out of the gate for the rope jumping was quite amusing for everyone. Try it--you'll see what we mean.

Then the jumping.

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